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 Hail.I would like to join your cause.

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PostSubject: Hail.I would like to join your cause.   Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:05 am

Personality:Nice friendly like to RP and socialise
Class:Death Knight

I wanted to join The Scarlet Enclave as it sounded like a good place to RP I know how to rp as a guard as I have been in Westbrook Guardians. On my level 55 druid I couldnt join because I wasnt human but was allways interested when I saw the recruitment notices in Stormwind.

Character:Black Foxtail and no facial hair

Storyline: I was working as a Guard when Tiedus was infected by the scoure, and killed. After that I swore revenge and joined The Knights Of The Ebon Blade where I was trained as a Death Knight.After breaking free from the tyrant Lich Kings grasp I set out not knowing what awaited me. I heard of a place called Stratholme in the Eastern Plaguelands and went there. I discovered Scarlet Crusaders fighting for their lives against the forces of the Undead this is where I first became interested in the Crusade.

Very Happy
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Hail.I would like to join your cause.
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