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 Application forms.

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PostSubject: Application forms.   Wed May 27, 2009 9:15 am

This is the appropriate thread for applying to the Scarlet Enclave.

In your application add the following:

Character Name
Character age

Appearance description.
Character history description.

Any main characters you have.
Additional information.

This history description has to be written in proper english and has to contain the following information:
- Reason to join
- How you learned of us
- It has to be "roleplayed" one way or another. Try to proof your roleplay skills with it since that is where I will judge you on.

We accept all classes and levels. However, we do -not- accept any other races then HUMAN . This of course means shamans aren't welcome either.

Write the application in this forum, not this thread.
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Application forms.
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