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 So i herd..

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So i herd.. Empty
PostSubject: So i herd..   So i herd.. EmptySun Nov 15, 2009 3:50 am

..we didn't like AoWkipz. What's up with dat?
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So i herd.. Empty
PostSubject: Re: So i herd..   So i herd.. EmptyMon Nov 16, 2009 1:09 pm

Army of Wyme? Boy, we have a bit of a history with them. When we first formed, they were the only -real- guild to face off against us as we started at near enough the same time. I guess they saw us as trying to muscle in on their patch of land. Fools.

They went about their childish hatred rather than looking on at the grand picture, thethreat that loomed above us all (In mroe ways that one!). At one point, their harrasment of members and the way in which they encouraged others to fear and hate our members drove us out of Stormwind... For a while, anyway. Gaining the little help we could, we finaly put our foot down.

The guild was still fresh faced and new, we welcome Death Knights and others into the order. Surfice to say it all changed, but not before the Army was dealt with. In the end, they gave in. They simply up and vanished. We believed the guild had disbanded, but we had no such luck.

A couple of weeks later they reared their ugly heads once more, only this time they did not assault us at every turn. They even stopped trying to fight in the cathedral which, member of the Army or not, would have gotten them all hanged if this game were more than that.

Surfice to say right now that they are a group whose roots run far shallower than they are lead to believe. Most live with them, a chouice few even try to put up with them and RP together. We don't, and that's one reason they despise us. Alongside being a carlet guild, of course.

And then, after we have marched North and they spit on our name, they have the nerve to come crawling onto our doorstep at Fenris Keep, begging to have their army rest there. We turn them down and what do they do..? Build a camp near the lake? Naw.

Some twit desided it would be a brilliant idea t assault us, waiting men, supplies and energy. Luckily enough, their 'Allies' turned on them. hah, pricks. I was away as of late, but it sounds as though we are tolerating their existence once more. It'll change in time, with any luck.

Yours truly,
-Felanar Belivas, Ex Explorer

Very Happy
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So i herd..
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