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 Pecuni non Olet: Waddya think of the idea? Also take a look at typo's. I'll copy-paste this to the wow forums.

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Pecuni non Olet: Waddya think of the idea? Also take a look at typo's. I'll copy-paste this to the wow forums. Empty
PostSubject: Pecuni non Olet: Waddya think of the idea? Also take a look at typo's. I'll copy-paste this to the wow forums.   Pecuni non Olet: Waddya think of the idea? Also take a look at typo's. I'll copy-paste this to the wow forums. EmptyWed Oct 07, 2009 11:36 am

Pecunia Non Olet.

(For lazy people searching for a summary, there is none.)

Gold does not smell.

A famous Latin sentence describing our own world, yet also a famous sentence that –should- describe Azeroth.
Azeroth and the Earth are places where races are divided over different countries, areas where every area has it’s own produce, advantages, disadvantages. Take for example herbs in certain areas of Azeroth and of course our own world. We from the Scarlet Enclave belief that to create new fresh roleplay and also boost the possible merchant roleplay, there should be work for merchants. Whereas we will today announce a first attempt to create trade, we of course emphasize that we shouldn’t be the only one organizing an event that considers the economy of Azeroth.

The Scarlet’s Rose.

The Scarlet’s Rose, a large trade frigate that has sailed the seas of Azeroth whilst serving Lordaeron and the Crusade. One might question the use of a Scarlet ship while fighting the Scourge, however this ship was of course used to supply the Scarlet troops and also quickly and relatively safe, move them from location to location. Take for example the evacuation of New Avalon. The Scarlet’s Rose is of course a ship we made up and it is of course not used in the official Blizzard lore. We however are now planning to let this ship be build in Southshore on the costs of the Scarlet Order. The Scarlet’s Rose fittingly represents the red color of the Scarlets, but even more importantly, it’s also a small reference to the rise of the new Scarlet Order. “The Scarlets rose”

Why would the Scarlet Crusade order a large ship built?

Quite simply put: Mobility and trade. The Scarlet Forces are cut off from the large trade cities of Ironforge and Stormwind, not to begin about the roleplay possibilities that these cities hold. While we have a terrific time in Lordaeron, we feel that we are not socializing with other people and we believe that isn’t what we should aim for. What we are aiming for with this ship, is to make it an IC ship from Southshore to Stormwind and back. It will clarify how Scarlets return to Stormwind, but it’ll also clarify how the entire world could quickly get to Lordaeron. But enough for the ‘Lore clarifying’ parts of this plan, our one and only goal is of course to develop trade roleplay on the Sha’tar whilst also allowing more diverse roleplay in Lordaeron.

The Trade Frigate

The Scarlet’s Rose will be a ship carrying traders back and forth from Southshore to Stormwind, at the other side of the Great sea Scarlet escorts will await traders that will supply them and escort them to their encampment. While of course tradesmen who have nothing to do with the Scarlets will have to rely on their own defenses and make sure their Cargo is..attending their caravan.

While the trade Frigate will be an IC and we will have to fly to Hillsbrad in the end, I still vouch we do not ignore the sailing part of the journey. Stormwind has a few empty ships and I suggest that the crew of the ship, including the merchants, roleplay a sailing journey for atleast a while to increase the immersion rate.

The Trade

Of course everyone has two professions in the game, but I would like to emphasize that those professions limit the trade roleplay by a large extend. Some people could go for more extraordinaire goods and “roleplay” items or create them with the GHI. I also suggest that instead of going: I have iron, mithril, gold, whitebloom, ten thousand swords, a mechanical chicken an- *Takes a breather* I suggest you pick one specific trade unit per journey to allow other players to also focus on certain goods, I even suggest you take a few factors in consideration when deciding your trade unit:

- Where was your character born/where does he live now?

(There are many orchards near Stormwind for example, you could export apples, cider, cows! But aslong as you make the goods fit your character, it’d be much better.

- Class

Not much to say about class, but I suggest you don’t become an Apple farmer as a deathknight or warlock.

- Wealth

Is your character a wealthy man or woman? Then he/she’d most likely’d be able to afford to make more expensive items. You could think about comparing a low quality beer to a high quality Cider.

Proposition for a Trade List.

There are many regions in Azeroth/Outland/Northrend each with specific goods and produce. Even produce we can’t get as players. I suggest we make a small/large/larger/largest list of possible produce per region. And I also suggest that as engineer you come to the trade missions/gatherings to find yourself a supplier. Then the next time you come over with your goods, perhaps you could even team up with engineers and create some special?
The options are endless with imagination.

For now I’ll list what I think about Eastern Kingdom regions.

- Stormwind/Elwynn; Apples, Ciders/wine, livestock.
- Westfall: Ore, wheat/flour, meat, mechanica
- Redridge: Exotic pets.
- Duskwood: Exotic animal blood/Spider silk Ghoul essences.
- In general : Fur, meat, ore, herbs, fish

The other areas tend to generally continue the same way, I would like to emphasize that every area should have something special a player can come up with. You could be a merchant in the most exotic things, but do remember that even in Lordaeron there is no market for dead sand gnomes and the like.

The (Scarlet) trade convoys.

As mentioned before we are aiming to let the traders and a part of my guild roleplay the crew/passengers of the ship harboured in Stormwind before flying/being summoned to Hillsbrad. Whether your end destination is in Southshore or somewhere else in Lordaeron, the Scarlets will escort those trading with –them- and just ask for a passage fee to those who do –not- trade with them. (Note: We shall make that an IC fee, no payment required. Although we –will- pay for goods. IC or not)

The experience to sail, dine, stay on a ship will on itself be a pleasure, but I of course can also begin about the possibilities for Horde interference, a horde counterpart and of course also interference from the Old Alliance as well while escorting and trading. We hope to achieve more diverse roleplay, more depth in characters and perhaps even more depth in guilds. (Guild goods, anyone?) But above all more roleplay and inter-guild contact.


I Propose bi-weekly, I’d say we go for Sunday afternoon/evening to do these events but perhaps Fridays or Saturdays at times’d be better. The time being around 20.00 or 21.00.


Everyone can join in, no race restrictions, all I ask is that you make it realistic that your character trades/comes onto the ship. Whereas I say that there will be no race restrictions, the Scarlets are Scarlets and Draenei/Night elves are Draenei/night elves. Expect no warm welcome or a cheap (ic) fee.

I do not like Scarlets nor do I want to trade inside Lordaeron.

Then it is quite simple, this thread will have a compilation of all events about trade and if you wish an event to be hosted elsewhere, also about trade, we might change the bi-weekly trade with Lordaeron to your areas and eventually create a large convoy of trade going on in Azeroth by making the events form a routine.

For more information reply to this thread or whisper me, Dathran in game. The first event shall be held Sunday the 7th of October and we will meet at the Stormwind harbour where we will first roleplay the ship loading, the sailing and eventually possible escorts.
If you want an escort, reply to me in advance. I would also like you to whisper me in game or reply to this thread with your goods. I’ll make a list with all player names and their specific goods to make it easier to form trade.

Hoping to have stirred your interest and to have informed you all good enough,

Dathran Eranor.
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Pecuni non Olet: Waddya think of the idea? Also take a look at typo's. I'll copy-paste this to the wow forums. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pecuni non Olet: Waddya think of the idea? Also take a look at typo's. I'll copy-paste this to the wow forums.   Pecuni non Olet: Waddya think of the idea? Also take a look at typo's. I'll copy-paste this to the wow forums. EmptyThu Oct 08, 2009 10:40 am

Sounds awusome!!! cheers

Do we trade from Lordaeron to Stormwind City or the other way around?
And is it ALL going to be fiction created with GHI?

I got a good one: Wood from Silverpine forest, the strongest, the longest and maybe the main trade product of our HQ
I hope you don't ask too much from our members starting a WoW economy Razz
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Pecuni non Olet: Waddya think of the idea? Also take a look at typo's. I'll copy-paste this to the wow forums.
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