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 A changing world (Open Story)

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A changing world (Open Story) Empty
PostSubject: A changing world (Open Story)   A changing world (Open Story) EmptyFri Sep 25, 2009 11:49 am

((Mmkay, the idea of this is that Cataclysm has just started, Deathwing has awoken and forced his way up through the world, shattering it in the process. Cataclysm isn't out yet, so we don't know what'll -really- happen. Because of that, I've just done some guess work. Anyone can update this story, involve as many people as they like and have them do what they want. I strongly subject, however, that you ask someone before you have their character injured/killed in your piece of the story. There is no limit to how many updates you make, so come on, join in!))

Tarnation and I, along with several others, dart down the stairs of Pyrewood's inn. All of us are silent, focused on getting to the main gate to fend off whatever attack was causing these tremors. The world itself felt as though it was about to break in half. I heard pots smashing, beer kegs clattering to the ground and Tarnation cursing under his breath - something about spilled stew.

Only five minutes earlier, I had been tucked up in my bed roll, snoring heavily without a care in the world. I had been awoken by the soft shivers of the world around me. I thought perhaps the Forsaken, who had been attempting to force their way through to Gilnias for near enough two weeks now, had launched yet another campaign against us.

Boy, had I been wrong. When Tarnation kicked my Inn room door open, I knew something was up. Slipping on the usual sun coloured robes over my night-wear, I followed him and the group of Scarlets he had awoken before down the hall.
I didn't take the time the time to look over the other members, simply stayed as close to Tarnation as I could.

We arrived at last in the outside world to a scene or true horror. Other Scarlet Enclavers were running about, dousing fires and reinforcing cracked walls. The moon above was full and the distant howl of Worgen could be heard even above the tremors. It would seem the mindless dogs were more terrified by this than any of us.

I saw Vlance run past, hammer in one hand and several wooden boards in the other. Seeing the collapsed house across from us, I needn't guess where he got them from. The Scarlet’s, no matter how quickly they worked, could not solve all the problems of Pyrewood.

As the group around me ran off every which way to aid in keeping Pyrewood up, the shaking became worse still. I could no longer keep my balance and tumbled over backwards, back into the inn. Flat on my back, I had enough time to notice the table sliding right for me. With no time to act, I brought up my arms and shielded myself from whatever damage it was about to cause.

((What'll happen next? Who will be doing what? I've set the scene, so it's up to all of you to decide that, my friends Razz))
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Ethrean Firehand

Ethrean Firehand

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A changing world (Open Story) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A changing world (Open Story)   A changing world (Open Story) EmptyTue Sep 29, 2009 4:37 am

Something is wrong... Terribly wrong, as if the ground shaking like an Ogre camp was on the move isnt enough to give that away.
That had started around fifteen minutes ago, before that though, came the pulsing headache behind my eyes, the ley-lines seemed to be screaming, in agony, in denial, that's the best way i can describe it.
Something is most certainly wrong, But what?
I sit down and close my eyes, trying to keep the closest thing to calm i can manage, Letting my mind slip out and my senses extend, but even the most simple meditation feels like a struggle right now.
I almost feel like a novice again... No use. My magic almost feels out of reach, An unsettling feeling, to be sure. Especially when you depend on it like i do...
I open my eyes and take in the sights around me once again, Darnassus is in uproar.
Kaldorei running amid the streets, spilling from houses, cluttering the temple. The very foundations of Teldrassil seem to be shaking.
I stand up and head toward the Cenarian Enclave, If anyone would know what was going on with the earth, it would be the Druids for sure.
Strangely, the streets here are less cluttered, the odd straggler or two.
Seems most Elves put their fate in faith instead of their Arch-Druid.
As i reach the enclave, i see a young druid clutching at an old tree, weeping.
I decide to approach her, "You there! What's going-" I cut off as she turns toward me and i see the tree is more than just any tree, it is one of the Ancients, keeled over, breathing shallow. This unnerved me more than the shaking, more than the ley-lines, either of those could be passed off.
The Druids building the tree unstable, and a Magus re-directing a few ley-lines without a permit, its happened before.
The Ancients though are fueled by their own natural magic, And this one seemed on the verge of Death.
This most certainly does not bode well...

I feel i should help, but my feelings of duty to my own order are stronger. I close my eyes and concentrate, frowning as the magic sluggishly comes to me, i mutter the words and feel the magic boil in my blood.
Not as strong as usual... This will be tricky.
As i finish the last part of the spell, i feel my feet slide from the ground and my stomach gives a lurch. Some people never get used to teleporting...
I feel my feet hit the ground and i gasp falling to my knees, my eyes still closed, I feel exhausted. This was certainly not right.
Then i realise the ground is still shaking. Am i still in Darnassus? How can that be?
I open my eyes to be greeted by the sight of a forest, But the tree's seem different, not the same as the ones in Darnassus.
To my left there seems to be a small road, i stand unsteadily, the headache behind my eyes pulsing furiously now, and wander slowly over to the road on wobbly legs.
Pathetic, Anyone would think i'd only just learned to use magic.
As i stumble to the roadside, i look either way, All the same, just one road cutting through the forest.
But the Kaldorei do not lie roads like this. No, this is a Human road.
Down the road, i can see smoke from behind the tree's, and the dim light that says something larger than a campfire is burning.
Seems that is my next destination, Maybe then i can figure out where i am... What do i have to lose?
I stumble along the path, using the guard rail for support, heading toward the dim light and the smell of burning.

((A few answers incase anyone wonders. Ethrean was in Darnassus looking for references to Ancient Kaldorei Magic, I have no idea what will happen with Cataclysm, so i just made up the thing about the ley-lines xP The teleportation also sent him to Silverpine, a little north of where he was aiming to go, so he's on his way Fel'! xP ))
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A changing world (Open Story)
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