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 My Story in progress!

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My Story in progress! Empty
PostSubject: My Story in progress!   My Story in progress! EmptyWed Aug 26, 2009 2:38 pm

I am currentally making a story which is based on Erlans Family!
Heres a little peak at what i have planned at the momment.
Quote :

Minor Characters.

Laura Parkson - 18
Drath - 18 - Paladin Trainee

Characters - Silverhand

Matius - Age: 38 - Paladin - Drath's Father
Garrath - Age: 25 - Paladin
Allaya - Age: 36 - Priest - Drath's Mother


During the 3rd war, a family known as "Nighthallow" had risen from Warlocks examining Demons to
Paladins and priests, to battle against such things.
Now, they face the third war. Matius, Garrath and Allaya are tasked to join the fight against the
Undead plauge with Arthas.

Side Plot - Towards modern day WoW.

Drath and Laura are in love, and Laura is pregnant with a child (That being Erlan ;D). Drath, Stumbles upon a cave (Caverns of time).
A pathway into the World of Azeroth as we know it today...

Tell me what you think of it, and give me any pointers. Im not a story writer but im trying!

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Posts : 2
Join date : 2009-08-26
Age : 25
Location : England, Midlands.

My Story in progress! Empty
PostSubject: Preludge   My Story in progress! EmptyThu Aug 27, 2009 3:23 am

Just finished the preludge based on Erlans father. Tell me what you think Very Happy
Quote :
Drath looked out from his balcony. It was a fine day and time to be present in.
No war.
No Threat.
Life could go on as he liked it. Squinting, he could see a group of Lordaeron soldiers
going into Southshore, one of them appears to have a badly injured hand and a chest under
his other arm.
He looked out over to his right. The labouring fields of Hillsbrad were hard at work. And
so were the mines. They were all so tiny, but the beauty and peace of Hillsbrad could catch
you from a mile away and draw you in.
Two arms slide under Draths arms.
"Gotcha." Whispered Laura "You've been hard to get. Anything wrong dear?"
"Its just. I cant believe i will have my own child." Replied Drath, smiling warmly.
"Dont worry, we'll raise him or her together, and we'll be happy. Nothing can disturb us here"
Drath smiled. Laura was a sweet girl to be with. She always was in a happy mood and always glad
to see you.
"You seen those new folk in town? Them soldiers?" She questioned.
"Yep, whats wrong with one of them? One of their mens hands seemed to be injured..."
"Oh aye, calls himself Tirion or something. He's not telling anyone anything thats happened"
Drath smiled. But something caught his eye... He saw 5 curious looking people near a cave in the
hillside... Thinking best not to mention strange things, he will leave it to himself to find out
whats going on there.
"Come on. Its getting late Draaath, that bed gets cold alone..." Laura said, poking Drath in the ribs
bringing him from his thinking.

The next day...
Drath was out in southshore, picking up supplies to bring back to the family Manor.
He saw the same group of Lordaeron Soldiers from yesterday in the inn, feeling curious he
went and investigated.
He took a seat at a table close by so he can hear them whilst ordering a drink.
Drath began eavesdropping in on their meeting.

Commander Mograine: Keep your voices down. There are strangers about...
Brothers and sisters, I have called you here today to discuss the fate of Lordaeron.

Commander Mograine lowers his voice to a whisper.

Commander Mograine: I hear things... Things that should not be. The dead rise... Undead, from the frozen northlands. Whole cities have gone missing.
I... I have heard that Northrend is lost...

Gasps can be heard throughout the room.

Commander Mograine: We must stand at the ready. I have faced undead before.
They are ruthless killing machines, devoid of any emotion or compassion.

Tirion Fordring nods.

Tirion Fordring: Aye, I've battled them as well. We are ill-prepared as a kingdom to withstand such an assault.

Arcanist Doan: What do you propose, Mograine?

Commander Mograine: Propose? I propose that we prepare. That we prepare our loved ones,
family and friends for the possibility of an undead holocaust. And there is this...

Mograine unlocks the chest.

(A Dark Crystal hovers above the chest.)

Abbendis: By the Light! What is it?

Commander Mograine: I have had this object in my possession for 10 years. Since Blackrock Spire...

I wrested it free from the remains of an orc lieutenant - a dark caster... It is from their homeworld.
Do not get too close. I laid a hand upon it once... Only once and never again. The memories of that day still linger.

Commander Mograine removes the gauntlet from his right arm and shows everyone his mangled hand.

Commander Mograine: I surmise that this object is the living embodiment of shadows... darkness... It is a manifestation. It is a void.

Isillien: I do not see how this evil artifact is relevant to the undead. We must destroy it!

Commander Mograine shakes his head.

Commander Mograine: No, old friend, it is very relevant. Let me ask you this, brothers and sisters:
Can good exist without evil? Can there be light without dark? And if that answer is no, then could it be possible that because this artifact exists,
its polar opposite must also exist? Could you imagine what the material manifestation of the Light could do against the undead

Isillien: Nonsense, Mograine! It must be destroyed!

(Isillien casts Smite upon the crystal in an attempt to destroy it.)

Shock then silence overtakes the crowd.

Commander Mograine: It consumed the Light!

Tirion Fordring: Impossible!

(Tirion casts Holy Shock on the crystal.)

Fairbanks: Is... Is it getting lighter? Its coloration... It is changing.

(Fairbanks casts Heal on the crystal, then Tirion, Abbendis and Isillien join in with holy spells, the four casting repeatedly.)

(The Dark Crystal turns into a Light Crystal.)

Commander Mograine: BY THE LIGHT! Could it be? Could this be it? I must know... I will know.

Commander Mograine reaches out to touch the light crystal.

(Mograine "casts" Touched by the Light.)

Commander Mograine: I... It... It is beautiful. What I felt when I touched it... The Light coursed through me and I through it... It healed my spirit.

Isillien: Your hand! It is healed!

Commander Mograine puts the crystal back inside the chest.

Commander Mograine: Let us never again speak of this day. Our enemies are many. They need not know we hold such artifacts. I have seen it...
From this blessed crystal we will forge a weapon. This weapon will hold inside it a piece of each of us... And when it is used against undead, it shall cast them down.
And in its wake, it will leave only ashes...

Tirion Fordring: (Saluting) The Ashbringer...
(The rest follow this, saluting at the same time.)
Arcanist Doan: The Ashbringer...
Fairbanks: The Ashbringer...
Abbendis: The Ashbringer...
Isillien: The Ashbringer...
Drath couldn't believe what he heard and saw. Northrend lost... Undead rising. A powerful new artifact.
Then something hit him.
"That we prepare our loved ones,
family and friends for the possibility of an undead holocaust..."
Drath was stricken with panic. He couldn't loose Laura, or the child.
He rushed out of the inn back to the estate, shouting out to Laura.
"LAURA! You wont believe what i have just heard..."
Drath explained what he heard.
"This is terrible... but.. this Artifact. It should keep us safe?"
"I only pray so Laura.. If you hear any word of undead in lordaeron. Flee, get the child out of here."
"But what about you?"
"I will fight... but first, theres something i need to check out.."

Drath then went out into the foothills with his sword, sneaking his way to the cave her saw yestersday.
He saw the same 5 individuals.. but. they were nothing like he'd seen before.
A blue skinned Eredar..
A purple elf...
And a dimunative person.
Along with other two humans, wearing banners he'd never seen before.
Soon after Drath spying, they set off down the road, Drath snook into the cave.
There was sand, and ruins embedded in the wall a towering roof. Bigger than the hills were
ment to be.
It was strange, he saw pictures flow across a purple stream... Past, present. And future.
Drath was outstanded. He saw Tarren Mill, massacered. Lordaeron in flames, Undead swamping every corner
they could find.
The cave had closed! He was trapped in this strange place!
He had to try get out. and he progressed further on, into the cave... he entered a huge part of
the cave! Bronze drakes circled the roof tops, and on the floors. One even turned into a soldier of
"Hey! Your not ment to be here!" A dragon shouted at Drath.
Drath ran, leaving the Lightforsaken cave. Into... a Desert.
Thoughts ran through Draths mind... Lordaeron. Gone. Laura. Gone. His child. Gone.
He lost all hope, fell onto the sand crying out for mercy. He collapsed in a heap, sobbing.

He fell unconsious... Unkown to were he was, his fate of his family...

Sorry if its abit spammmy.
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My Story in progress!
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