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 Varigan Abott

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PostSubject: Varigan Abott   Varigan Abott EmptySun Jun 14, 2009 3:51 pm

Character Name: Varigan Abott

Character Age: 46

Class: Paladin

Race: Human

Level: 5 (though I'll be levelling quickly, I can hit 60 in 6 days)

Appearance description: Varigan is just shy of six feet, with an athletic build. His skin is a deep nut brown and his face is lined with both age and worry. His eyes are deep-set, pools of dark brown within a scarred, grim countenance. His hair is cut to neck-length, and is a dull brown-blonde colour.

Character history description: Varigan was born in Capital City, Lordaeron, the son of two low-level nobles. As a boy he received an excellent education, but by the time he was in his early forties, the owner of a small property and a sergeant in the city guard, Arthas was returning from Northrend.

In the chaos following Terenas' death, Varigan joined a squad of ex-guards shepherding peasants to safety in the mountains as the Scourge overran the country. After his duty was done he made his way slowly to Stormwind, where he started on a new path - the path of the Paladin. Brother Sammuel took Varigan under his wing in Nortshire Abbey and began teaching Varigan in the ways of the Silver Hand, not that Varigan has officially joined that order.

Having finished his duties in Northshire, Varigan found himself once more free to choose his way, on a visit to Stormwind City, he learned of the Scarlet Enclave at the Cathedral, from one of the monks there. Varigan followed up on this with an investigation into how he could sign up. he eventually managed to get hold of a recruitment parchment, which he happily filled in and is now looking to hand it in to the Scarlets.

Varigan would love nothing more than to return to Lordaeron and reclaim it, he sees the Scarlets as most likely to achieve this goal, so he's willing to throw in his lot with them.

Main characters: Khodan, 65 Orc warlock
Teledhras, 70 Draenei paladin

Additional information: None I can think of.
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PostSubject: Re: Varigan Abott   Varigan Abott EmptySun Jun 14, 2009 11:48 pm

An excellent application!

We will gladly have you.

~Dathran Eranor
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Varigan Abott
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