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 The Lights Shadow

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PostSubject: The Lights Shadow   The Lights Shadow EmptyTue Apr 07, 2009 3:07 pm

-When you first open the book, your eyes settle on a small drawing. The left half of the page consists of a bright light, one which (Despite being but a drawing) warms your heart. In front of the light is a figure, though their face is featureless and blank. The right half is dominated by a dark drawing, and you have to strain your eyes to see the demon stood in the blackness. The demon in the drawing seems to dance with the flickering candle light all around.

Looking over the picture a second time, you notice something you did not before. In the centre of the drawing is a circle of green. You think nothing of it at first, but as you continue to look at the speck, something about it draws you in. Skimming down the page, you see writing. It's scrawny, but easy enough to read.

"A Dark tale of the Light" it says. There is nothing more on the page, but one more look at the lifelike drawing of the demon and you've had enough. You slide it onto the shelf where you found it, turn to leave. But thoughts of the book dwindle on your mind. It will only be a matter of time before curiosity gets the best of you, and you return to read how a Dark tale could have anything to do with the Light-

((I have always fancied myself to be a good writer, but I know others who are far better. I will probably update this every once in a while, -if- Dathran keeps it in the Library. In the mean time, hope this little taste of the book to come has cought your eye. Sertainly one of my better pieces))
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PostSubject: Re: The Lights Shadow   The Lights Shadow EmptyMon Apr 27, 2009 3:16 pm

-“Chapter 1: Fall from Grace” reads the title. You skim over a few pages then choose a place to stop. That done, you turn back to the first page and begin reading-

*Part One - Of Bars and Bards

Chapter 1: Fall from Grace

Ever wanted to be able to just spread your wings and fly away? Ever felt so good you want to cry out in joy? Ever bore a crown and had thousands, no, millions of people adore you and support you, love you for who you are?

I had all of that. I was the king of the world, or so they’d say. Life wasn’t getting any better, everyone got what they wanted. ‘A heaven on Earth’ they would call it.

But all good things come to an end.

My wings were broken. My crown was stolen. My people turned their backs on me. And my heaven? Cast down and burned! I was locked away and forgotten about. Left to rot for what little of my life was left.

But I’m getting out of here. Soon. Really soon. It’s only a matter of time.

“Are you still writing in that damned book?” Asked Gruff, looking over my shoulder. I slammed the book shut and shot him a look. He shrugged and sat back down mumbling “Sorry.”

“Its fine,” I sigh. “Though look on the bright side, some day we’ll be able to look back to this and laugh at how bad our lives were”

“You’re convinced that we’re getting out of here, aren’t you?” Gruff asked. He raised a hand and rubbed his shoulder. In all my years, I’d never have guessed I’d befriend a Tauren. Then again, I’d never met one.

Me and Gruff had a history of sorts. We became friends shortly before my imprisonment. On the same day as luck would have it. I’d been walking through the city, exploring, and I found myself in a slave trading area. I took it upon myself to destroy it, break the caged and set the slaves free.

Gruff was one of the slaves, and he swore that some day he’d pay me back. I’m sure it’d be easier for him if we weren’t in a prison, underground, with only rats and each other for company. The other prisoners weren’t very chatty.

“You there?” Gruff clicked his fingers in front of me.


“You seemed distant. You’re not still thinking about that?” He asked.

“Of course not!” I lied. “That’s behind me. Only thing to focus on is the future, right?”

“Humph” Gruff wasn’t as high spirited as I was. Whenever I said we’d escape, he was there with his doubts. Though where else would he be?

Gruff went quiet, and I wasn’t saying anything. The only noise was that of the rats scrabbling over food crumbs. I sighed, let my eyes wonder. I was sat on a wooden bench, held in place by two thick chains fixed to the ceiling. Gruff was on something similar underneath me, though the chains of his were attached to the wall. Besides his bench were a second set of chains, the ones encasing his wrists and ankles.

The prison guard were cruel, but they weren’t stupid. Less they chained Gruff up; he’d have bent the bars of our cage and ran free long ago.

Nothing was happening, so I lay down and closed my eyes. “Wake me up when we’re free,” I chuckled.

“Are you planning to hibernate for the year?” Gruff retorted. We both laughed at that. Then, all at once, I slipped away into dreams.

-You hear someone coming, their footsteps echoing down the hall. Quickly, after marking your page, you slip the book away and go about your day. ‘Later’ you think to yourself ‘I’ll find out more then!’-

((Gruff (Validus Carnero) is a Tauren who our unnamed hero found while wondering through the city he comes from. The two were thrown into jail to rot, but why? Well, better read the next instalment of Lights Shadow!))

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PostSubject: Re: The Lights Shadow   The Lights Shadow EmptyWed May 27, 2009 1:55 pm

Chapter 2: Sweet Dreams

“By right and rank, I become first in command of the second Tier. As such, my word is final and might be over ruled by none other than those of the first Tier. And, as my first course of action…’

He skimmed across the crowd picking me out. Following his gaze, all eyes in the room settled on me. Pointing to me, my heart stops. What was he going to do?

“For crimes against the light and mockery of our lord, I here by banish you, Darius White-Wing, to live out your days in the Mortal realm, till death or redemption befalls you.”

“Whichever comes last, of course,” I hear his mocking whisper in my head.

The room falls silent after his claim. I stand there, looking at him, filled with confusion. “What proof have you of these claims?” I ask, trying to give myself time to think of something better, something that would get me out of this.

“What proof do I need?” Stretching his arms out and addressing the crowd. “Who here would dare to undermine my word, when they too would suffer your punishment?”

No one responded. Silence. Turning back to me, his eyes ablaze with the joy of his long awaited victory. After a smug chuckle to himself, he feigned remorse. “I am sorry, but this is now my duty. By right of rank, I bring this discussion to a…” He stifled back a tear, “a close. May your days in that realm be few.”

Turning away from the crowd, pretending to wipe away tears, he dismissed us with a gesture of his hand.

“No! You can’t do this!” I bellowed. Rings of light form beneath me, runes carving themselves into the floor. “You’ve no right!” I groaned, unable to move forward. Crumbling to my knees, wishing this nightmare would end. The rings rose up forming walls and encased me. Through the shield, I could still hear him, issuing new orders and moving on. He was all too happy with what had just happened, that I could tell from the tone of his voice alone.

“Some day…” I mutter darkly. “Some day, you’ll pay for this.” And then? Nothing.

((Ok, we’ve jumped from a prison to god only knows where. You’ll find out what this chapter was in the next update Smile ))
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PostSubject: Re: The Lights Shadow   The Lights Shadow EmptySat May 30, 2009 5:40 pm

Chapter 3: New Guy

I sit bolt upright but crack my head against the stone ceiling. As the pain surges through my head, I fall back and roll off the bench, down to the floor. The loud thud from my landing echoes and fades, leaving me in silence. My senses slowly returned to normal, leaving me with an aching head and a stiff back.

It wasn’t the first time I’d wake up and almost kill myself. I dare say it wouldn’t be the last either. Gruff occasionally offered to swap benches, so I wouldn’t have so far to fall, but the thought me me having to sleep under him terrified me!

Thinking of Gruff, I started to wonder where he is. Lifting myself slowly so I'm sitting up, I look around and catch sight of him stood by the bars. He looks focused on something, but I can’t see what from the ground.

With a light grown, I lift myself up, move over to where he’s stood and smile. “Hey,” I said. He didn’t look back, just waved the word away and looked on. “What’re you looking at?” I ask. Again, he just ignores me.

Pushing myself against the bars, I look down the long corridor, the walls of which were littered with bars to other cells. A short way down I spot figures moving down the torch lit path. It was hard to tell, my eye sight wasn’t as good as Gruffs, but it looked to be three of them.

I take a step back from the bars and wait for the three to pass. They were either slave traders, looking for someone to buy out and sell off, or a one off patrol. At that thought, I wondered if someone had broken out and if they were searching for the lucky sod that had.

My trail of thought comes to an abrupt end when the guards come level with our cell. There’s two of them carting a young girl along. She’s limp in their hands, looks no older than twelve, but they take the up most care not to wake her. One of the couple lets go and moves over to our cell, fumbling with a loop of keys.

“Step back” He says, glaring at Gruff, his eyes shining brightly through the shadow of his helmet. Gruff doesn’t respond. He returned the glare, tries to make himself look bigger than he really was. It wasn’t hard for him, when he flexed it looked like someone had strapped melons to his arms.

Unmoved by this show of strength, the guard threw the keys to his partner and drew his sword. “Five seconds,” he said. Gruff did nothing. “four.” Huffing, Gruff moved, but it was a step forward. Pushing himself against the bars, his chains creaked from the strain of keeping him back. The guard steps away, visibly worried of what might happen should Gruff break his chains. Trying not to show it, he carried on with his tough guy act. “Three. Two.”

With a satisfied snort, Gruff turned away from the bars and moved towards the back wall. The guard sighed with relief, quickly grabbed the keys from his partner and unlocked the cell door. Not daring to step inside, the second guard threw their captive onto the floor and slammed the door shut.

They locked the door and moved away, one of them muttering under his breath as they went. “With those two, she won’t last a week.” After that, they’re gone.

“Impressive” I chuckle, looking at Gruff, then at the new girl. “Seems like we have some new company.”

“As if one human wasn’t enough.”

“We’re not all the same,” I sigh. “Compare me and the guards, we’re totally different. For all you know, she could be more than you believe her to be.”

“If you say so,” he replies, sinking to the floor. Resting against the wall, tilting his head forward, Gruff goes silent once more. I understood his hatred of the guards, of most humans. In truth, the only reason he’d bonded with me was because I’d both freed him and been forced into a cell with him.

I stroll towards the benches, hop up onto the top one and lay out, waiting for the new girl to wake up. “Lord help us when you do,” I chortle.

((Edited it, enjoy Very Happy We now have a trio, consisting of a Tauren, a mystery dude and the young girl :3 Where shall this lead? Only the next chapter will tell!))

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PostSubject: Re: The Lights Shadow   The Lights Shadow EmptyFri Sep 04, 2009 2:20 pm

((Note! I've changed chapter 4 totally!))

Chapter 4: Dark Memories

“’Where am I?’ is usually the first question people ask.”

The voice was cold, careless and old. I glanced around, having finally opened my eyes. Everywhere was… black. Darkened. This had never happened before.

“It is night, when shadow creeps over the world.”

“Night?” I ask, speaking to the shadows themselves. “That’s impossible. Night only happens on Ethra. The Glorious Kingdom doesn’t have night.”

“Glorious Kingdom? You do not remember?”

It takes me a moment to understand what the voice is saying. When the words at last sink in, a tear streaks down my cheek.

“I was banished…” I say. “Cast down from my home. Down to Ethra.”

“You are correct, damned one.”

“Damned one? I get it. I’m not welcomed by my own kind any more?”

“You are not.”

“Then why are you here, Jev?”

“To say goodbye to my old friend, Darius.”

It was as I has expected. The cold, heartless tone could have belonged to no other than the permanent bearer of bad news. Jev, my friend from the third tier and deliverer of the damned to Ethra. That is, to say, he takes we who are no longer welcome in the Glorious Kingdom, placing us down here and leaving us.

“You know you’re being here is breaking the rules. Such an offence could have you banished too”

“I would run any risk to say goodbye to my friend.”

“Well you shouldn’t” I growl. “Aye, you’re my friend, but to be such a fool as this? Go back home, Jev. Leave me to my new world. Ethra, home of the sinners and betrayers.”

“You… Are not as I remember you, Darius. What has happened during your time in the second ring?”

“If I knew, I would tell you…”

Silence stands for a few moments, thickening the tension in the air. It is broken at last by Jev. “I shall do as you ask,” He says, sad sounding as ever. “I have missed your company friend, and I shall miss it more knowing that I might never see you again. Never the less, with your attitude, it is no surprise to me that you were banished.”

Those words strike at my heart. I can tell I’m alone at last. Jev has left, returned to do his duty. Despite the feelings of abandonment, I stand and look about me. Some of the shadows have cleared and already the world seams a little bit brighter.

“Who needs the Glorious Kingdom?” I chuckle, “When I can craft a kingdom of my own, right here in Ethra?” My wings spread and still shine, despite the dark that engulfs me. “World, say hello to the new Darius White-Wing!”


“Do you think he is ready to be turned?”

“No. Not yet. He has not lost anything he holds dear. To him, the Glorious Kingdom was pointless, a waist of space and time. He does not care of his banishment and instead seeks to create his own order on the planet Ethra. We shall bide our time and take him when the hour is right.”

“As you wish, my lord.”

The voices spoke no more.

((My writers block was blown limb from limb last night, and being awake and ready to re-read this chapter, I decided it was good enough to post. I'll write with great speed now! Might want to quickly flick over the other posts so as to see any other small changes I've made))
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PostSubject: Re: The Lights Shadow   The Lights Shadow EmptyMon Sep 07, 2009 3:23 pm

Chapter 5: Wake Up Call

I’m awoken all at once by a shrill cry. There was never a shortage of sleep in this prison. It’s what we did for hours on end, day after day. But despite the amount of sleep you get, you can never help but feel annoyed when someone wakes you.

Sitting upright, I crack my head against the ceiling and fall to the floor, much as I had yesterday. My dream had been cut short, I was sure of it. But I had to admit, something was different about this morning.. Was the floor softer?

“Get off me!” Gruff said. His gravely voice was a relief in the cold cell. “And get her away from me!” he added.

“Her?” I ask. My eyes scan the room, coming to a halt at a girl curled up in one corner. “She woke up? Was she screaming?”

“No one was screaming, pal. I think you just hit your- look, stop talking to me and go entertain her! Witch tugged my fur, must have thought I was a blanket or summit.. Hmph”

I roll my eyes and get off of Gruff, gliding over to the girl. She has her knees tucked up into her chest, and her face buried into her knees. I reach out to tap her when she lifts her head and looks at me. Not a word is spoken but I still feel as though I’m being judged.

“Hey there,” I say. “Name’s Darius. You?”


“I’m sorry for my friends reaction to whatever it is you did.. He can be a little grumpy when woken. More so if you tug his hair, trust me, I should know.” I can’t help but chuckle at my own joke, but the girl just sits and stares.

I’m surprised she doesn’t shake from the cold, wearing nothing more than a tattered shirt and sack cloth greaves. Her hair catches my eye – A light green colour. They matched her eyes in all ways but one. An unnatural shine slipped over her eyes. Not that her hair wasn’t unnatural, but the eyes… They reminded me of something. But what?

With nothing else to do, I slip down next to her and silently await her response.

((I could swear he's wke up like that before.. Eh, must just be me. Originaly, I was going to do this from the girls point of view, where as she wakes up shivering cold and spots the 'Blankets' on Gruff's bench Smile Decided to make it from Darius' though. If you hadn't figured it out, then yes, Darius is the same Darius who go cast down from his home Razz))
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The Lights Shadow
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