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 Guild update.

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Guild update. Empty
PostSubject: Guild update.   Guild update. EmptyWed Jun 10, 2009 12:45 pm

Today's updates:

Inquisition future
Death knight future
Enclave RP hub future

Priestly branch update.

Explanation Officer authority post.


The Inquisition.

With the depart of ElĂ­thion the inquisition is now officially -dead-. We did something wrong, -I- did something wrong. Causing it to be boring and resulting in the depart of it's people.
It's hard to solve this, however, there are solutions.

Solution one:

Merge the priestly and inquisition branch.

This way the priests will also be the ones "purging" heretics, which, in my opinion, seems a good solution.

Solution two: To enhance the "Inquisition" feeling we could either make alts we can dismember/torture or also "purge" our own dead/deadly knights, thereby also explaining why we have them in the first place.

These are just my suggestions and suggestions I -agree- with that I read on our forum, I will make a discussion topic about this thread later.

Death knight future.

As mentioned above, death knights need to be treated as the maggots they are. Exspect them to be treated as "meatwalls" and lower beings.
I emphasize the fact death knights will -never- have high ranking officer authority. On meetings we do -not- see them as officers either, except from their dk squad.

With this I hope people will also roll clothy alts/farmer alts for the guild to liven up the other branches and the enclave.


Enclave RP hub.

While I was already planning it, it also seems people in the guild had the same idea.

We are going to promote the enclave as a roleplaying hub that will be active a few times per week. Rebuilding it, mining..blacksmithing etcetera.

All I will say about that right now is : "Warlocks for the win" and "Yay to be able and select low level lollers out"


Priestly branch update.

The priestly branch will now exist out of both the inquisition ranks as the priest ranks, being however that the high-priestess=Grand inquisitor and vice versa.

-NEW- tasks:

-Protection of ancient relics. (I currently have a few ideas in mind, our first relic will be our shard. However, there are more ideas)

-Spreading the word of the light. "Time to end the mojo and voodoo, time to worship the light yoohoo!" said the high-priestess to the troll shaman. A great way for tracking down heretics and opening a new darker/light enforcing scarlet crusade part.

- Organize monthly celebrations.
With this I mean make up events remembering Lordaeron, it's heroes..our existance etcetera. For example we could also translate existing WoW events into our lore. For example remember the paladin Edward the odd with let's say ; "Edwardian month of the Odd" by being odd and acting odd, we'd celebrate him. (one mere example)

- Purging the Death knights.

Our death knights will be bathed/buffed/smited/whateverishlightished - to be cleansed from their past.

- Baptize high ranking officers with holy water collected at the roof of Uther's temple. ( Or all general members)

That for the priest branch so far


Currently writing the officer authority post. This will state -exactly- what you can and cannot do as commander, captain, etcetera. To allow you more freedom and bring action to your scarlet life.

Discuss this post< > there
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Guild update.
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