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 Delyrn's Sunday Sermon

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Delyrn's Sunday Sermon Empty
PostSubject: Delyrn's Sunday Sermon   Delyrn's Sunday Sermon EmptyTue Jun 02, 2009 4:38 am

As many of you know, Sunday Delyrn held a sermon within the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. Overall we had a great Turn out with many of us showing up, and listening to Delryn's first preachings.

After the sermon concluded, A few Announcements were made, which i will recap for those who could not attend.
In no particular order, and with some pictures for reference at the end ((Click to enlarge them))

Vanguard Tiranar, And Crimson Guard Lathina were promoted to the prestigious rank of Champion. Congratulations to you both.
Captain Tarnation was promoted to the rank, Commander. Congratulations to you also Sir.
Crimson Guard Alrthras arrived a little late, but in time to be promoted to the rank of Crimson Captain.
And finally, Vanguard Bruteallius was promoted to the Captain of Squad D.
Congratulations to you all, and good luck fullfilling your new roles.

Delyrn's Sunday Sermon Wowscr12 Delyrn's Sunday Sermon Wowscr13 Delyrn's Sunday Sermon Wowscr14 Delyrn's Sunday Sermon Wowscr15 Delyrn's Sunday Sermon Wowscr16 Delyrn's Sunday Sermon Wowscr17
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Delyrn's Sunday Sermon
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