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 The Scarlet Code

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PostSubject: The Scarlet Code   The Scarlet Code EmptyFri May 29, 2009 11:35 am

To the devout Crusader or follower of the light reading;

As servants of the holy land of Lordaeron, the Scarlet Order and the Grand Crusader you are forced to behave correctly and follow the following rules.

~ The Grand Crusader's will is the Light's will.
~ Respect your highers
~ Protect the innocent and purify the heretics by bringing them to our inquisitors, unless provoked.
~ Do not murder, steal or betray your brethren or the innocent.
~ Do not act in name of the Scarlet Order without permission
~ Always wear your uniform when on duty
~ Without the proper rank, do not speak. Let the highest ranked brother or sister speak.
~ Do not seek wealth or glory, but receive it for serving valiantly.


Do not insult or harass fellow members, everyone in our guild has been welcomed personally. If one or another does not fit in, he or she will be removed without you having to shout or cause conflict.

Do not take from the guild bank what does not belong to you.

If you have plotlines running, speak to it to me, Dathran, ooc. I won't metagame, but I want to know what's going on.

All high-officers report to me, everything they have. Atleast ooc.
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The Scarlet Code
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