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 Details on Events

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PostSubject: Details on Events   Details on Events EmptyFri Jul 09, 2010 10:59 am

Well, this is mostly for Nadim, if she ever checks in. I've decided to make a thread about events, and letting people post their views on them, IC and OOC Wink It's so if anyone takes a break or misses an event,. they can simply come here and check up on what they missed! Well, anyways...

07/07/2010 or 08/07/2010

Last event I went to was either Wednesday or Thursday - It consisted of us all feasting while Dathran told us of the plans to come. We arn't aloud to make said plans known to the public, not yet anyway.

The plan itself was to rid the now undead-cleared forest of any Undead that might somehow remain, as well as the Worgen (Which shall link with Cataclysm later on) and other beasts that make the land tainted.

After having to serve everyone wine and simply chewing a few choice ehrbs from his pouch, Felanar went hunting. The plan was to hunt for spiders, but it was decided by other who joined him that bears were better material for a hunt. Felanar was a bit grumpy that he missed out on cooking his favorite meal - Spider Legs!
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Details on Events
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