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Important! Empty
PostSubject: Important!   Important! EmptyThu Jun 10, 2010 2:59 pm

Today I tried to sign into account managment, only to be asked for an Authenticator Code. Problem is, I havn't registered an Authenticator... So there's only one answer to it all - I've been hacked! >_<


I've been ahcked with a twist...

I deactivated my account at some point last month. The account was deactivated before I stopped playing, so I couldn't have been hacked before it deactivated. It's been less than a Month sicne I last logged in.

Someone's hacked my account and added an Authenticator. He's the funny thing - When I tried to log into the Forums (Turns out I don't need an authenticator code for that...) it says "There is no active account", and it gives me a list of all my characters.

So... Well, this is great! Sorta...

Yes, I've been hacked, no questions asked. But the person who's done it hasn't activated my account. The elast amount of time an account can be active is a Month (As we all know), so if it were stilla ctive the forums wouldn't say my account was unnactive Razz

In other words - Who ever's hacked me hasn't activated my account, logged in and stole my stuff (At least, I doubt they have. Maybe an active member who's seen me online recently (Or not) could help me with this one?)

If you have seen me online, for the lvoe of lordie lordie, remove me and my charcters (Vlance and Lorias) from the guild ASAP. I can't take out a lot of stacks but anyone who might have ahcked me and logged in could just as easily raid the Gbank. I'll mail Dath when I'm back.

Till then, my thanks to you all for your time!

TL:DR - I got ahcked, but nothing has been taken, just had a bloody authenticator added so I can't log in! >_< Remove me from the guild if I've been online in the last Month!

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