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 Dark Times

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Dark Times Empty
PostSubject: Dark Times   Dark Times EmptyThu Apr 08, 2010 6:58 pm

((With Vlance having gone his own way, if only for the time being, it leaves me with a bit of time. I'm leveling an alt and playing a couple other gmes, so updates might be random, but I'm planning to make a follow-up for Vlances previous story. It'll have new friends, new faces and a twisting tale that'll knock the socks off of anyone who liked the first Razz That said, it's only in the rough. I'll post the first part soon-ish (When I write it). In the mean time, it's in my head and growing ever more unstable >:3

I also plan to make it into a comic book style thing, if I can be arsed to draw that much, so you can experience it as both a piece of detailed writing and a graphical comic (As far as my "Graphical" goes...)

Anyways, thanks to anyone who gives support Very Happy Feel free to give feedback, good and bad. I'll be RPing Vlance every now and then in Stormwind, and that'll vary as the story progresses Very Happy Or, well, should... Anyways, it's late, so night all! Wish me luck))
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Dark Times
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