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 Tosen's Story.

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Tosen's Story. Empty
PostSubject: Tosen's Story.   Tosen's Story. EmptySun Dec 06, 2009 3:49 am

(( I'll try to add more every week. ))

It was a cold, rainy day as a group of caravans was passing trough the Badlands to Loch Modan.
Inside the caravans, were just a handful of traders, with Tosen in it as a Guard.
As it turned night, you could hear the howling of the wolves, the legs of the Spiders, everything was heard.
The spiders were catching up with the Caravans, as Tosen and Zihark jumped out.

"Damn.. We have to protect them, Zihark."
"Yes.. but there are way too many to deal with ourselves, the best is to fend em off as long as possible."
A spider rushed at Zihark, trying to bite in his arm, while at the same time Tosen was cutting of ones legs.
Tosen then rushed to Zihark to slash the spider's head in half.
"That's the fifth time you saved my life there."
"Sixth, try to keep count."
Back to back, fending off the spiders, one of hem got trough and bit Zihark in his arm.
As soon as Tosen could, he took Zihark inside one of the Caravans, fending off the spiders from them.
"Head out!" was yelled.

The horses runned, not knowing where they were going.
The caravans got seperated, Zihark and Tosen, together with Gegetsu were heading for the Horde camp, Kargath, without knowing.
When the horses finally stopped at Kargath, they were surrounded by Shu'Halo.
Tosen jumped out, asking for mercy, begging to help Zihark whose body was almost fully infected with the poison.
"Please.. I know that were at war, but we are impossible to harm you in any way and my friend needs help!"
The Shu'Halo agreed to help them.

(( Moar incoming asap. ))
(( Edit; spelling. ))
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Posts : 29
Join date : 2009-11-27
Age : 28
Location : Behind you with a large kitchen knife!

Tosen's Story. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tosen's Story.   Tosen's Story. EmptyTue Dec 08, 2009 12:03 pm

(( Part two, sole boredom and full of ideas for this one. ))

As the Shu'Halo helped Zihark, Tosen ordered Gegetsu to scout the nearby area for the other caravans.
While he was away, Tosen was training together with the Shu'Halo, trying to learn more of their ways.
It seemed that they believed in the Earth Mother, Sun Gods, and other things like that; all in Communication with the Nature.

Days have passed, Gegetsu has scouted most of the nearby area, but had no luck.
"Well.. Seems that they just left us here.. Gegetsu, go check up on Zihark, see if he is ready for a fight."
Zihark came to Tosen, asking his usual sentence.
"So, what're we killing this time?"
"Heh.. We're going to kill some Wolves to repay the Shu'Halo."
So they left the Shu'Hale camp, hunting for a specific wolf which was huge, had black fur and was as deadly as poison.

Tosen, Zihark, Gegetsu and a warrior from Kargath, Kurog, went out to hunt it.

(( Moar incoming A.S.A.P, also you may post stuff like what you think etc in brackets, or just PM me ^^))
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Tosen's Story.
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