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 Scarlet Courier news: Chapter one

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Scarlet Courier news: Chapter one Empty
PostSubject: Scarlet Courier news: Chapter one   Scarlet Courier news: Chapter one EmptyTue Mar 24, 2009 10:29 am

*A messengers breaths heavily as he jumps off his horse and runs into the city of Stormwind, nearly collapsing as he reaches the High-Commander*

Sir! *Cough* Sir! *Cough* The enclave! It has fallen again! The scourge has destroyed the keep and.. *The messenger collapses and dies*

Give this man a proper burial, bury him with this medallion of faith. He won't fall to the scourge, ever.

*The High-Commander walks through the streets, pondering what to do next before nodding to himself reassuringly*

The time has come, this Saturday we will march back towards Lordaeron. I will hire a mage to provide us a quick route inbetween Stormwind.

May the light safe us all..
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Scarlet Courier news: Chapter one
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