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 Roleplay Guide: Heroes, anti-anti heroes, Villains, anti-anti villains, and true roleplayers.

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PostSubject: Roleplay Guide: Heroes, anti-anti heroes, Villains, anti-anti villains, and true roleplayers.   Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:40 am

Greetings Scarlet Order!

I have taken the initiative (With quite some *Do it now* from our high-priestess) to write a guide to making your character, a character. Not a hero that can kill everything, survive every wound and is so awesome he should lead the guild, being an anti-anti hero and thus in fact an idiot.

Right, so. What do we see in our guild?

In some cases empty shells of characters, with barely any personality but "Able to fight everything and win". Now, that's not what I want (In that way)

Step one to create a good character.

A name.

A name? Yes, a name. Specifically the last name of your character, use this in your background story.

Step two.

A character background.

With a character background you can not only give depth to your character's past, and thus reason to be in these lands, but also prepare information you can speak about or discuss with others.
Of course this background also is influencial on your character's strengths and weaknesses.

Step three.

Strengths and weaknesses.

Dependant on your Character background, you can pick a various amount of strengths and weaknesses.
Personally, I'd not go further then 6 weaknesses or strengths in total.

Example: Dathran was a priest living in Andorhal (In training) before he was forced to stand up against the undead hordes. He then quickly trained as paladin.

Now, the above is a weakness. A weakness? Yes, but also a strength. While Dathran is not the strongest paladin, physically, he does have the healing capacities of a priest (He's a supporter, holy paladin) And is therefore also holy specced, made to support.

Other suggestions of virtues or weaknesses:

Duty-bound (loyal)
Servant of the flesh ( You certainly do not hide the fact you enjoy the flesh of the opposite gender, people dislike you and think you are rude. Not to begin about your possible wife..)
Disfavours celebration (Party-pooper, people don't like you)
Sarcasm favoured (You are able to push your insults and mockery just to the limit of getting into trouble.)
A hero near friends. (You are someone who quickly does strange things in company of others, but is in fact a coward alone.)

These are but mere examples, but picking such virtues or weaknesses allows your character to gain even more depth. Of course you can always earn virtues or weaknesses in the game by events that occur to you. I vouch that you don't use too many spots for these up at start. Three should do well enough.

Step four.


Do not plan your whole character from day one, things happen, you cannot stop these. Pick a character and let it develop further while playing.

Step five

Yet unknown.


A roleplay is a social person - you roleplay a social person - talk, do not wait to be talked to. Discuss! Talk! Insult. Do what fits your character, but do -not- stand idle. Be alive!

This was it so far!

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Roleplay Guide: Heroes, anti-anti heroes, Villains, anti-anti villains, and true roleplayers.
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